The more the web replaces old methods of finding and recruiting candidates, the more the same cliched words and phrases come into play. Be it a stale description, a too-soon plunge into rules and requirements, or even a dated, uninformative listing, the nuances of web-based recruiting mean that every single word that you use in describing your dream candidate now matters.

You need to keep pace with the big players on the market, who can spend millions to hire the absolute best available, through targeted marketing and luxurious benefits. While large firms may be more able to spend, this does not price you out of the market. As it turns out, it matters more what you say than how you display it.

When creating your new job listing, there are several key things to plan before you even start to write:

1. Your Culture. Is your office young and hip or more of a business-oriented place? Who do you want to attract? Matching candidates with the “vibe” of your office avoids problems before they even appear.

2. Internal Candidates. Chances are, someone on your existing team is primed to fill an open role, especially within their domain. Make sure to review the entire team before posting your listing, giving internal talent their chance to shine.

3. Benefits. What can you offer that other firms cannot? Think about the small things that make your firm stand out to you, and apply those to the listing.

4. Realistic Goals. Make sure you know exactly what a candidate should be able to do before joining, and what they will be doing if hired. Top performers do not waste time, nor do they appreciate confusion. Be clear, concise, and never too wordy.

5. Your Company’s Description. Present your company with the same kind of care as you would an investor, new client, or CEO. The image you offer candidates deeply affects their chances of joining, so make a statement from the beginning!