Softnet Search Recruiting has worked for over 15 years with an illustrious set of clients. SoftNet is able to provide real value to each client because of our focus on the personal touch, finding exactly the right candidate for their dream position. Rather than focusing on numbers, SoftNet focuses on people, resulting in a positive recruiting experience and a lifelong employee.

Past clients include Deloitte, Oracle, PeopleSoft, StrionAir, Arrow Electronics, IBM, DirecTV, and La-Z-Boy, among many others. SoftNet focuses on mid to large sized companies, aiming to fill critical roles in large organizations.

The Right Opportunity

We listen to YOU. We network for YOU. We track the best talent for YOU. 

We work with you to build a long-term relationship. To create trust. To listen to your needs. By truly understanding your firm’s ever-changing needs so we can better serve you. In a world of recruitment where any firm can generate a generic, bland candidate list, SoftNet Search aims to bring a personal, experienced touch. We want to be your go-to source for staffing, for years to come.

We uncover top performers through our passive candidate recruitment strategies,  integrating our expanding in-house database with social media and professional networking channels. Building on 14,000 vetted contacts and an expansive network within the industry, SoftNet Search relies exclusively on personally researched candidates, never using lists or suggesting unqualified future employees.

Interested in filling your crucial roles?